We are a registered, dynamic and solution-driven agritechnology company providing a crowdfunding platform for farmfunders to fund farm operations while we channel the funds to practicing farmers in need of funds to scale-up operations. We exist to connect the missing dots of funders to farmers.


Here, we offer you the golden opportunity to choose from any of our farms and then invest in them.


We are concerned about the future. And that is why we came here to ensure food security.


You don't just get what you sow, you reap MORE than you sow.'

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Offering professional guidance expertise on the farms.



FarmFunded, is one of the burgeoning agritech businesses in Africa, helping to meet one of the SDGs (Food Security), through innovative and world class solutions whilst providing investors with unbeatable returns. Investing with FarmFunded, makes me a contributor to this goal, whilst earning some extra money on the side. If you're looking to contribute to ending hunger in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, whilst earning some extra money on the side, FarmFunded is your one stop shop. The rates offered are unbeatable, with you being exposed to little or no risk, as the farms you invest in are insured. You get your funds in your account when due, and without any hassle. The team is very friendly and always ready to assist you all the way. It's important to start investing towards your financial future now, and if you're looking for the right place to begin, FarmFunded is for you!

Kolawole Opemipo,

FarmFunded gave me courage and step by step guidance on how to invest and make money. At first, I was discouraged like, what if it's a scam, but most of all, am proud of myself for never giving up. I invested in poultry and cassava and I got my return (both principal and interest) at the specified promised date. infact, FarmFunded truly surprised me.

Falade Adenike.

I heard about FarmFunded from my sister, I'm a huge fan of investing, was drawn when I heard it was Agriculture. I gave it a shot. One of the awesome decisions I made in 2018. I'm still in shocked that such initiative is floating in Nigeria, thought everything that is too good is a scam. You guys are doing an amazing job, God bless you. Like I mentioned I'm big on investing, people need to stop saving money in banks, it won't get you reasonable return, invest people.

Oluwafeyidamilola LAWAL.

Permit me to say this in Yoruba. I suggest the motto of FarmFunded should be" kasòro kán sì bábè" meaning "People of their words and of integrity" Thanks so much FarmFunded.

Seun Omotosho

With companies like FarmFunded operating in the resource sharing economy, I see them revolutionising the fight to ensure hunger is conquered hence achieving food security. With their innovative crowdfunding model, I am super confident that they are in business for the long haul, the process to fund farms on their platform was seamless and stress-free coupled with the fact that they keep me abreast with information trending in the agricultural space. Receiving my invested funds with the accruing returns at the promised time made me reinvest my funds into their pepper farm and I am happy to say I am also growing pepper.

Adewale Adekunle

I am a student and also a fashion designer. I will like to appreciate the opportunity created by FarmFunded as an AgTech Company to encourage Young and Students Investors to invest. This has enabled me to grow my funds sustainably and also contribute to grow food for others to eat thus curbing the deficit of food in the market.

Jeremiah Olajuwon

So I got to know about FarmFunded through social media. They were posting Trivias and I was curious to know what was behind these things. I saw that I could also be part of the goal of achieving food security by investing in their agricultural investment products. In this modern age where Agriculture is not really paid attention to even tho it's a necessity, Farmfunded is working towards achieving food security by encouraging and boosting farmers and funding farms- growing crops and livestock and all agricultural processes to achieve this goal. From what I see, that goal is gradually coming to a reality.

Adesanya Comfort

Having saved up some money, I was on the lookout for a safe place to invest. I stumbled on FarmFunded in a WhatsApp group I was added to. I read their profile,I was skeptical at first but I took the risk nonetheless. I am glad I did. Thank you FarmFunded for the opportunity.

Kate Itenga

I personally believe in this project being a lover of Agriculture myself, but I believe what makes FarmFunded different is in it uniqueness, transparency and easiness. Investing with zero worries and getting your returns within the stated period is another distinct feature despite the economic situation of the country. Great Job FarmFunded! Together, we will make food security achieved.

Kazeem Temitope