Potato Farm

The demand for sweet potato in the Nigeria market is appreciating on a daily basis and the reason adduced to this can be traced to the continual discovery of innovative uses of the fibrous tuber crop. Food consumption ranging from frying, boiling, mashing and baking...etc, raw materials for processing companies, export demands are few out of the many uses of sweet potato. With Nigeria being the 6th top producer of potato in Africa(FAOSTAT 2016), there is the need for us to rise above our peers in the African continent on the ranking thus the need for synergy of resources for this to be achieved. There is no better time to collaborate our resources together for food security to be achieved than now.
Funding info: Potato Farm
Farm Acreage: 187.5 acres.
Cost/Unit of a Potato farm: N10,000.00
ROI: 20%.
Crop Variety: Nicola(Creamy Skinned) Potato.
Farm Cycle = 6 Months.
Farm Location: Gurara Dam, Kaduna State.
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