My guess is many of us aren’t familiar with that word. Probably we know of aerosols, or aeroplanes but definitely not aeroponics. Well “aero” surely rings a bell or points to anything that deals with air, right? Well, let’s see what exactly this word “aeroponics” is all about, come with me:

·        1. Aeroponics according to Wikipedia is the process of growing plants in the air or mist environment without the use of soil or aggregate medium. Interesting, right?

·      2. Aeroponics is derived from two Greek words. Aer meaning air and ponos meaning labour, so there you have it “labour in the air”. Quite intriguing!

·      3. It was discovered by Caleb Harper, the founder of the CITYFarm Research Project, and his team at MIT’s Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass(according to Times Magazine).

·      4. It is regarded as a closed hydroponic system. This means that water and nutrients are constantly recycled. Wow!

·        5. Aeroponics delivers nutrients to be used by plants through microjets. These microjets spray the roots with a fine, high-pressure mist containing nutrient-rich, mineral-based solutions.

·       6. The plants cultivated with aeroponics use grow lights especially LED lights as sunlight for photosynthesis. Hmmm,....

·       7. It is an economical system of farming as the amounts of water, nutrients and inputs can be calculated and controlled.

·      8. It involves the use of limited space, considerably very little water, less labour and energy. See management of resources!

·   9. Aeroponics grows plants faster than any other system of cultivating plants, approximately four times faster. Unbelievable, I know right?

·     10. The best plants that thrive well in aeroponics system are tomatoes, eggplant or aubergine, lettuce, ginger, watermelons, mint and mustard.

So there you have it, ten facts about aeroponics. What do you think about this technological innovation towards agriculture?