Fund Your Own Cassava One Hectare

Cassava One Hectare

Farm Name: Cassava One Hectare
Return On Investments: 30%
Unit Price: ₦176,800
Available Units: 0

Farm Description

Cassava unarguably is one crop that is regarded to be the absolute advantage that Nigeria enjoys with Nigeria being the largest producer of cassava tubers. With improved variety of cassava obtained from research institutions, harvests are now bigger and disease-resistant. It is one crop that serves as food to humans and animals, also it is a well sought for industrial raw material. Our specific variety of cassava grown is the Vit.A cassava which is necessary for healthy skin, strong immune system, good eyesight, prevention of diarrhea. Our farmers are located within Ile-Ife, Osun state with land mass available reaching 625 acres of land.

Farm Cycle = 12 Months.

Farm Location: Osun state.