Fund Your Own Maize One Plot

Maize One Plot

Farm Name: Maize One Plot
Return On Investments: 20%
Unit Price: ₦11,605
Available Units: 0

Farm Description

Maize farming is another major sub division of crop production in Nigeria. Over 8 million tons of maize is produced annually in Nigeria. Maize is used to make cereals, flour and other local delicacies like tuwo, pap. etc. One reason maize is high in demand is because it is rich in Vit. A, C & E. Maize is used in animal feed as a major carbohydrate source for animals and also as a valuable industrial raw material. It also has a good export market. Our farmers are located within Ile-Ife, Osun state with land mass available reaching 625 acres of land. We are focusing on the cultivation of Vit.A. Maize because it is aids healthy skin, strong immune system, good eyesight and prevention of diarrhea. 

Farm Cycle = 8 Months.

Farm Location: Osun state.