Fund Your Own Pepper Farm

Pepper Farm

Farm Name: Pepper Farm
Return On Investments: 20%
Unit Price: ₦10,000
Available Units: 0

Farm Description

Chili Pepper(Capsicum frutescens) popularly known as shambo is a high value crop that is grown for cash by farmers. With Nigeria farmers accounted to produce about 50% of the African-wide production. Chili Pepper is the third amongst the cultivated vegetables being utilized in its dry state as spice. 

Chili peppers are rich in Vit. A which is responsible for its red colour in its matured state and they are used by many to give spiciness to dishes. 

Nigeria has good soils and weather that can readily support the growth and production of chili pepper. Chili Pepper grown in Nigeria is in high demand because of its pungency and good flavour. It can readily be dried, ground and packaged for consumption.

Farm Cycle = 6 Months.

Farm Location: Kaduna state.