Fund Your Own Rice Farm

Rice Farm

Farm Name: Rice Farm
Return On Investments: 22%
Unit Price: ₦50,000
Available Units: 0

Farm Description

Rice is an increasingly important crop in Nigeria and argued to be the most consumed staple food in Nigeria and Africa. Usually grown for the purpose of human consumption, Rice are grown in paddies and also grown either in lowlands or uplands. Nigeria is the continent’s leading consumer of rice, one of the largest producers of rice in Africa and simultaneously one of the largest rice importers in the world. With the demand for rice increasing every day, Nigeria is estimated to be producing averagely 10.7 million metric tons yearly even though Nigeria imported three million metric tons of rice in 2018, which is 400,000 metric tons more than the quantity of the product imported in 2017, according to the 2018 United States Department of Agriculture World Markets and Trade Report. 

Your investment into our rice farm covers the following:


Renting of the farmland 

Farm input which includes high quality seeds, pesticides, and fertilizer.

Cost of Labour.

Insurance from NAIC to cover the farms throughout the farming cycle


Farm Cycle = 7 Months.

Farm Location: Nassarawa State